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With busy schedules and pandemics, it is easy to turn to the Internet for shopping, but during the holiday season, consumers have plenty of time to think about the gifts they want to buy for the people in their lives.

Treat your family to a weekend trip to one of Massachusetts "most popular and popular water parks. Accommodation includes a water park pass, which allows you to splash around in the pool, ride the slides and take a dip in a hot spring.

The resort also has a gym for further conditioning, so you can get plenty of exercise on the greens. The television is in the common room, with a full bar if you want to enjoy a great sports game.

Guests can enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast, served with fresh farm or table dishes, or enjoy a bucket at Hungry Wolf. The complimentary daybreak breakfast with waffles, cereal and more will give you all the energy you need for a day of sightseeing. Enjoy the fire, hot chocolate buckets, hot dogs and other treats, as well as the complimentary buffet breakfast.

In early season, the average daytime temperatures are in the low 70s to low 60s, but as summer draws to a close, visitor numbers drop and the winter cold creeps in. Snow is not uncommon in Leominster, so if you are attracted by the off-season offers - the basement accommodation - you should pack a thick coat. If you are flexible with your itinerary, you may prefer Leomster for its affordable accommodations and proximity to Boston and other major tourist destinations. Although it works well with cheap accommodation, there are plenty of ways people can indulge themselves.

This winter is likely to be difficult for many small businesses and the Chamber will encourage everyone to consider local businesses when making their purchasing decisions. The Chamber has always been a strong advocate for the purchase of local and other initiatives that contribute to the strengthening of the local community and economic sustainability of the region. Recognizing this importance, we have developed several marketing campaigns to encourage consumers to shop, eat and support local businesses.

The state is stepping up its awareness campaign, called Local MA, to encourage consumers to support local businesses. To learn more about the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce and its initiatives, please visit NorthCentralMass.com or call us at 978-353-7600.

We all know that local shopping is more important than ever this Christmas season, but this year our efforts to support local businesses have taken on a new meaning. Entrepreneurs work hard to keep their doors open, create jobs, meet the needs of the community and deserve our support. National research shows that if you spend $100 in a local business, you will spend another $100 in the local economy. When you buy goods and services from local businesses and merchants, your money is spent locally, not just in your local shop.

A recent survey by the Chamber found that 64% of small businesses were losing money compared with 2019. Nearly 60% said they expect it to take more than six months for their operations to return to normal.

Small businesses that help define local communities continue to face difficulties and threaten to exacerbate them as the pandemic continues. However, there are opportunities for local businesses and regional economies, as the disruptions in the supply chain exposed by the pandemic can encourage consumers and businesses to turn to local suppliers and businesses to meet their needs. Local, locally focused content that uses digital and social media to promote, connect and engage consumers. Develop and develop partnerships with local organizations such as schools, hospitals and health care providers.

These line charts will help you calculate the best time to book a room in Leominster for your upcoming trip. While blooming flowers make spring beautiful, the spring temperatures are too hot for most tourists to enjoy their stay. Temperatures rarely creep into the 80s in summer, and a visit to Leomster is best for many people living in much hotter and humid parts of the country.

The 53 rooms are decorated with subdued elegance and have huge windows that open onto the golf course. The rooms are not flashy, but they are colorful, clean and have all the comforts of a home, including bed, bath, kitchen, shower, linen and even a bathroom with shower and bathtub.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Chamber has focused on providing a support system to help companies overcome the crisis. The survey also showed that marketing and customer contact were the most sought-after resources when asked which resources and financial support would be most helpful.

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More About Leominster